We’re all about the Unlimited Pty
and optimised, unified access.

Telephony & Internet

Introducing our smarter connectivity solutions.
Faster, better access gets you to the sweet deal before the next guy. Your business is predicated upon it. But how fast is your fast? We’re prepared to bet ours is faster. 
As in super-Semenya-speed. Stick with us and we’ll hook you up to the fastest connectivity enabler for your environment: fibre, LTE or microwave. You’ll be into AI-based collaboration before you can say “dark fibre”. 
Get ready for next level telephony and internet.
Take your office everywhere, and make calls anywhere.
Gear up your PBX with cloud-hosting.
Slash your phone bill by 80% (wait, what?)
With unified comms you can have it all: presence, chat, voice mail, fax to email, video conferencing and web meetings with free plug-in for your clients. 
And it’s all scaleable; with user-based costing.
Never miss a call, with voicemail to email.
Boost productivity and customer service. 
Agile CRM: which means you benefit from sales, marketing, valuable customer information and service automation on a single platform. Everything functions together, seamlessly. All-in-one, mum.
We put our IT Guy hats on.
We source the finest systems from those boffins over at DFAfrica and 3CX.
We oversee installation, maintenance or replacement.
We manage the process, end-to-end. 
You sit back and enjoy the savings.
Ready when you are.
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