• Solar Rental Solutions

    Providing clean, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions for homes and businesses.
    Start your journey towards a more sustainable future with our renewable energy solutions.
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  • Solar And Battery Backup Rental

    Empowering homes and businesses with sustainable, renewable energy solutions through assessment, supply and installation.
  • Power Monitoring

    Uninterruptible power monitoring, ensuring seamless energy solutions during load shedding.
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Sustainable energy for all with solar rental.

Business, Office, Enterprise, and Home Solar Rental is a smart and cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. By leasing or renting solar panels, you can harness the power of the sun to power your business, office, or home, reducing your reliance on traditional, non-renewable energy sources.
With Solar Rental, you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money on electricity bills without the upfront investment. So, if you want to align your energy usage with your values, and make a positive impact on the environment, choose Solar Rental today.
Assess & Design
Expert assessment and design for tailored, renewable energy solutions.
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Syntelo offers rental and sales options to finance renewable energy systems.
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Reliable, turnkey solar solutions with installation and maintenance agreements.
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Continuous monitoring and tracking of solar energy requirements.
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Enhance Solar Energy
Seamless power, even during outages, with solar and battery backup.
Take your power back.
Solve your business and household energy problems with expert Syntelo assessment and solutions.
Solar Backup Battery Solutions
Uninterruptible power for all with tailored Syntelo packages and expert assessment.

Residential Solutions

Tailored solar solutions for your home that are both efficient and customized.

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Commercial Solutions

Solve your commercial energy problems with expert Syntelo assessment and solutions.

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