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Using CRM at the heart of your business, we incorporate the three key business pillars in today’s digital world to help you create meaningful connections.

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Our Personal Approach.

  • CRM
With CRM as our solution we promise you:

• Personalised and consistent customer experiences
• Long-lasting relationships with your customers
• Maintain and grow your customer base with increasing online visibility and brand awareness
• Manage your business processes and operations with one solution and output
• Build businesses from the inside-out

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  • Infrastructure
  • Hubspot Onboarding
  • Service Assistant
Voice and Data

Easy month to month options for all your voice and data requirements. Flexibility to change service and hardware as needed. All support under one roof, one contact.

Hosted Cloud Server

Easy month to month options to host your server based applications, Office 365, domain and web hosting. All support under roof, one contact.

Doc Management

Easy month to month options for all office printing, digital workflow automation, all service, parts, toners included under one roof, one contact.

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Get your CRM ready to go live.

System Integration

Enjoy simplicity by connecting business apps like Sage, Sales Force, social media, Office 365 and your website, all under one website.


Benefit from having all in one place and import all relevant data, content and resources. Enjoy one login by bringing in CI, database, price lists and all templates.

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Manage Properties

Ticket name, description, create date, priority, id, status.

Manage Ticket Activity

Notes, email, calls, tasks, meetings.

Support Pipeline

New, waiting on contact, waiting on us, closed.

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  • Workshop
  • Digital Asset Creation
  • Media Plan
  • Implement
Market Research

Gather insights and understanding.

Brand Strategy

Define the key opportunities and objectives.

Buyer Persona’s

Bring your target market to life.

Content Plan

Produce relevant and engaging content.

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Website Content Development

Create content that is both relevant and fit for SEO.

Website Design & Development

Build a website that provides a good user experience (UX).

Blog Creation

Prepare content that is both enticing and educates to grow your thought leadership.

Video Creation, Social Media Creation

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Owned Media

SEO, blogs, PR and social media

Paid Media

Google Adwords, Social Media Advertising

Email Segmentation

Prepare an email nurturing campaign to keep connected with customers and leads

Forms and CTA’s

Ensure you have sufficient contact forms and powerful call-to-actions

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Use engaging content and imagery across the right platforms


Test, measure and compare

Email Segmentation

Prepare an email nurturing campaign to keep connected with customers and leads


Where necessary make tweaks and changes


Get the right leads

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  • Contact Management
  • Deal Management
  • Sales Assistant
Manage Properties

Get a high level view of the contacts information, knowing their last activity and what stage they are in.

Manage Activity

Manage all notes, emails,calls,tasks,meetings under one dashboard.

Manage Lifecycle Stage

This allows you to identify at which stage your leads are.

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Manage Properties

Gain valuable insight into what sales, margins and deals are coming in and what is projected for the coming months.

Manage Activity

Manage all notes, emails, calls, tasks, meetings under one dashboard.

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Manage Meetings

This allows your clients and leads to book meetings with you directly in your diary avoiding back and forth email communication around meeting times.

Manage Documents

Create and send content that engages your contacts by utilizing your content library.

Manage Quotes

Create quotes with Ease, without leaving the platform, pull in your services/products from your imported price list, and automatically capture profit and deal properties, allow customer to Esign for approval.

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Get CRM Assessed

Connect Your Business.

We help connect your business with the right customers online through creative CRM, and build personal relationships at every touch point to create the best customer experience. 

We use a mix of the three major business pillars in today’s digital world to help you and your business.

How Syntelo can help you
personalise your business too.

With CRM as our solution we promise you:

Personalise my business

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