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Turn your Covid time into a time of connection and collaboration with Microsoft Teams.
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The need for digital transformation

Covid has caused us to seriously rethink how we work and make a living. For many of us, we can no longer rely on our sacred cows, our traditional business methods and models for our livelihood. We must look for new ways to achieve our business goals. Microsoft Teams is one solution you should consider. Check out the details below for some basic facts and great features!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is essentially a universal hub or central point of access where different team members can work together in their teams using dedicated team channels.  
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Some key benefits and features

Collaborate in real-time with screenshare and integrated apps.
Integrate your favourite Microsoft Office 365 apps.  
Communicate through chat. 
Work with secure confidence.
Pull together a team of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects.
See likes, @mentions, and replies with just a single tap.
Customize it by adding notes, web sites, and apps.

New Feature: Meet Now 

Stay connected with Microsoft Teams while working from home with the help of the "Meet now" feature. In this video, you'll learn how to use "Meet now," which gives you the ability to turn a team chat conversation into an instant remote meeting. 

We're here to support you 

You're probably already overworked and stressed. So, instead of trying to set up Microsoft Teams yourself, let us support you. We'll help you to first deploy and activate Teams. And then, we'll provide you with ongoing education and assistance so that you can become proficient.

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