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Howzit! My name is Dale. I am the founder and managing director of Syntelo. 

When I was 9 years old I landed my first job at Spar as a packer. Although I was a young boy and my work was simple, it taught me some valuable lessons. I learnt that success did not come easy and that money does not grow on trees. 

It required me to value and serve people, to be honest, to work hard, and to be committed even when I wanted to rather go play with my friends. So, I am thankful that my dad laid this foundation early on in my life. These values have become the values of my life and my business.

If you want to read more about who I am and how Syntelo was birthed then please check out this interview that I conducted recently.
Our Story


Our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses to transform digitally during Covid.


We value people

We believe that all people have equal value and worth because of divine design. So, we strive to respect, value, and serve others with excellence.

We value integrity

We believe that it is not only important to provide excellent service, but to be honest in our work ethic.  So, we seek to do things the right way and with the right character.

We value commitment

We believe that at the heart of every good relationship is trust. So, we desire to build relationships with our clients through ongoing commitment to our DNA.


Complete Solutions

We aim to provide complete “all in one” solutions using latest cloud technologies.  

Customized Solutions

We offer customized “Syntelofied” packages designed to accelerate your business goals.  

Quality Solutions

We strive to bring quality solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies and business applications on the market.  


TO HELP businessES enjoy long-term success

Success takes time and effort. Therefore, we’re invested in helping you to build long-term success through our ongoing managed services and solutions. We won't just deploy and activate your immediate IT needs, we will help you to also adopt and leverage the best Microsoft has to offer. 


Using the latest Microsoft business applications we promise to provide swift, scalable, and secure solutions that will help you to accelerate your business goals, save you unwanted costs on software and devices, and give you peace of mind regarding cybersecurity all in one unified service and flexible contract so that you can achieve your desired goals. 

to help businessES TO digitally TRANSFORM

The pace of digital transformation continues to quicken as organizations depend on top-quality remote work resources, cloud environments, and cybersecurity to both manage their own businesses and stay competitive in their offerings. Therefore, we desire to help you to transform digitally by providing analytics within the cloud environment that give real time information.

Meet the Team

Dale Holten

Managing Director

Marthin van den Heever

Technical Director

Michael Cameron

Content Manager
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