What is a VoIP System?

Terry Holten

November 8, 2022

VoIP systems are useful for both consumers and businesses as they contain additional communications features not found with the traditional telephone service.
The VoIP boom resulted in most of the traditional telephone industry services becoming obsolete and too costly to support suitable business requirements.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, VoIP became an even more viable and necessary requirement for our modern workplaces. This was true for a one user office to a 500-user office environment and more.
The big appeal for businesses is the lower overall call cost outlay, as well as unified communications features that are now enabled through Internet and cloud data centres.
Once you are connected to the internet, remote support has new meaning, no more costly call outs, or technicians coming on site to check hardware cables and settings. Remote working means live helpdesk assistance should the need arise, as well as proactive monitoring and management.
In this post, we’ll define a VoIP System, and show an example of how it is used in business today at one of our clients, as well as provide 3 best essentials in order to get started with a VoIP System in your company.

What is meant by a VoIP System?

A VoIP System works by converting analog audio signals into data packets that can be transported over the Internet in the same way as other forms of data are such as text or pictures.
This technology adds numerous advantages that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a standard dedicated phone line.

SNOM handset

Why is a VoIP System Important?

The main importance of a VoIP system is the relatively inexpensive high quality of service that is achieved
This can only be good for businesses that are constantly looking for ways to streamline their costs.

VoIP Systems are too advantageous to be ignored. The three main factors being:

  • Controlled costs with associated savings
  • Performance Improvement
  • Scalability – use only what you need when you need it.

It is expected that the VoIP market size will grow to R 1845 billion worldwide by the year 2026 (Reference: Findstack)

So, what does this look like in an office?
Take a look at one of our clients, “ Jemstruct South Africa “ who are an excellent example of a company already reaping the benefits of VoIP systems , and you can follow them here: Jemstruct
This is a business that places high value on customer experience and who were looking to streamline this area of their business.
This process started by assessing their expenditure and call process.
The findings were that there was room to streamline, increase efficiency and gain more control over their voice and cellular cost landscape. With a unified communications platform, not only would the staff be more efficient, but the customer user experience would also be enhanced. The feature rich system would allow a “set up” in the background that would delegate calls to appropriate functions within the business and enable the business calls to align in accordance with their business time structures.

The soft application extensions on the staff cell phones would streamline administration and lower costs by internal free calling, and unifying communications within the business. Call recording has also provided the company with the ability to go review conversations should the need arise.

Monthly reports can now show users, groups, and voice patterns.
From these reports Jemstruct are able to see Cost reductions of more than 50 % as well as a clearer picture of the Voice patterns within their business.

On request Syntelo will be able to, in conjunction with your financial management, carry out a comparative cost analysis between your current call overheads and the projected realizable savings in the short, medium and long-term using our “VoIP System Configurator”.

3CX Dashboard

VoIP System Essentials To Get Started

The basic components required for any VoIP service,
  • HARDWARE – Modem / Router, Smartphone and/or Laptop or Desktop computer or Tablet, or Desk phone. See SNOM Handsets 
  • INTERNET - Connectivity is the next essential component enabler for any VoIP system. Voice uses a very low amount of bandwidth; you can even add your voice to a small 3G LTE package. See LTE Connectivity
  • SOFTWARE - Another essential element is the software operating system, which can be provided by your partner Syntelo through our proven 3CX Systems. This is also the platform that will host your new VoIP number or take over your old number. This software can be hosted in our data center where you are sure to not lose connectivity due to loadshedding.
Summary and Conclusion

You and your organization can realize the reduced cost benefits from the installation and service provision of a 3CX VoIP system from Syntelo, from day one and can look forward to a more efficient communications service allowing you and your organization to focus on your core business.

We are ready to partner with you and your organization to provide a more cost-effective communications tool for your business, thereby providing you and your company with a competitive advantage, not possible with your current traditional communications setup.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Request a demo here and use this reference “SyntVoip20” to qualify for a 20 % discount on your rental.

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