How To Get the Best Results Out of Cyber Security

Dale Holten

January 19, 2023

Care of Our Possessions

We care for our possessions we value in order that they are not lost or stolen, especially possessions that are difficult or costly to replace.

Securing Our Electronic Data

Cyber Security similarly takes care of our personal and sensitive mostly electronic information for both personal and business use.

Outer Space?

Cyber Security sounds like it comes from Outer Space doesn’t it? If we think about the “Cloud” we could be led to believe our data is being transferred and stored in real clouds when, actually, the Cloud is a global network of routing and gateway serving devices, that route IP (Internet Protocol) traffic from sending IP addresses to receiving IP addresses. That all happens in the unseen background as we only see usernames and email addresses on our communications devices.

It’s the perfect background for criminal behaviour to play out trying to steal our identities, our data and sensitive information and our hard-earned finances if we allow it.

It would therefore be prudent for us to have a good understanding and be serious about a few simple rules, and to use the latest technology and available expertise to our best advantage to stay ahead of the Cyber Security game.

Cyber Security affects each of us using electronic devices as business tools and personal communication and entertainment devices.
In this post we will be covering:
People – our responsibilities
Processes – types of security threats and best defensive practices
Technology – Threat Management Systems

What is Cyber Security, and Why Does it Matter?

Cyber Security embraces the protection of communications networks and programs from harmful and destructive attacks which can be carried out silently, potentially to every user who is otherwise engaged and focused on business or personal matters. It’s the classic “thief in the night” scenario.
Cyber Security is important because if we don’t take the protection of our electronic data seriously, we can cause immense or even unrecoverable loss to ourselves and our business organizations.
Something we would naturally want to avoid and do something definite about.

How to Develop a Cyber Security Mindset

Fore-warned is fore-armed!
Fortunately, equipped with an informed and responsible approach to Cyber Security we are able to apply adequate security measures to our sensitive data, our password integrity, and personal and business accounts against:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Social Scamming Techniques

Each User Needs to Ensure
Each and every user needs to understand why data security is necessary, and ensure that they comply with all the necessary individual and corporate practices. No loopholes or weaknesses in our overall security strategy should exist that expose users to cyber criminals out there who are constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate our systems of protection and gain access to our sensitive data.
These days users usually have more than one device requiring protection of its private information which makes the task of data security that much more extensive.

Processes are Necessary
Organizations need to have an overall strategy to protect their users at the:

  • Hardware level (pcs, smartphones)
  • Network level (the internal network components that the user devices connect to)
  • Program level (the resident software used in house for the company or organization’s business performance)
  • Data backups (Both individual and corporate sensitive data)

Up to Date Technology
The in-house technology used should be up to date in terms of maximum security protection for computers, smart devices and network routing devices against:

  • Phishing – Fraudulent emails that attempt to steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers and one time passwords
  • Ransomware – Malicious software designed to extort money by blocking access to devices until ransom is paid, and that without any guarantee after any payment is made.
  • Malware – software designed to gain unauthorized access or cause damage to computer hardware
  • Social Scamming Techniques – Crafty Attempts to trick people into revealing sensitive information.

Technology Solutions
There is technology available for all levels of protection of hardware, software and network elements through the use of next generation firewalls, DNS Filtering, Malware Protection, Anti-Virus Software and secure E-mail solutions.

Tips and Reminders for Cyber Security

  • It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that passwords are changed regularly.
  • Passwords should have sufficient integrity in terms of length and diversity while still being relatively easy to remember or locate in a safe location.
  • Personal passwords should be kept private even with organizational business colleagues.
  • Personal data backups should be carried out at regular intervals.
  • Personal data should be stored on more than one device in case private storage media is inadvertently erased or lost.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown email links and attachments.
  • Personal Items such as irreplaceable Family Photographs should be scanned and properly and safely stored.

We can see that ignoring the all-important aspects of Cyber Security can cause astronomical problems for individuals and organizations alike, and with the correctly applied strategy can be easily avoided.
It is useful to have an ongoing Cyber Security mindset that regularly assesses whether individuals and organizations are maintaining appropriate Security measures to meet their current needs which are mostly dynamic in nature.

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