Mobility takes business out of the office

Michael Cameron

April 3, 2021

With premium versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with a user interface optimized for Android or iOS phones or tablets, Office 365 lets your team perform at their best, whether in or out of the office.


Add comments in Word via your phone

Need to give feedback to a colleague while commuting? Edit documents on your Android or iPhone with the Word mobile app.

To add comments.

Tap anywhere in a document, then click Edit.

Type your comments. If this is your first time adding a comment, you’ll be asked to enter a username so other people know who edited the document.


Four team-friendly Excel shortcuts

Think Excel is a desktop-only program? Think again. You can do just about everything in Excel on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Formulas
    Calculate formulas on the mobile app by tapping the Formulas tab
  2. Easy access to your files
    Save Excel files to OneDrive and access them quickly on any device.
  3. Built-in keyboard
    Add formulas with ease with your tablet’s onscreen keyboard.
  4. Recommended charts
    Quickly visualize data with a few taps of a finger with the Recommended Charts feature, perfect for smaller screens.


Mobile PowerPoint has its perks

Prep and present on the go

Need to fix something on the way to a presentation? Use the PowerPoint app to make changes from your smartphone or tablet.

Keep notes at your fingertips

Read presentation notes directly from your phone.

Cut the cords

No need for bulky laptop cords and cables. Presenter View gives you full control over what your audience sees, showing speaker notes only on your tablet.
New ink, laser pointer, and highlighting features help emphasize key concepts as you present.

Know your talking points

Ink your notes to help emphasize key points.


Sharing made easy

OneDrive enables effortless access to files, so you can work from anywhere and share your work with your team, wherever they are. Preview more than 270 common file types, including PDFs, Photoshop PSDs, Illustrator AIs, Visio files, DICOM medical images, and more. Even stream video on demand without waiting
for it to download.

“We hear from millennials that flexible working is a high priority. And we believe that when you respect individuals for who they are and how they operate, it increases productivity significantly. By giving employees Office 365 cloud-based components, we’re able to create a more fluid, flexible approach to the physical

Carl Dawson

Confidently share your files knowing others will be able to access them seamlessly and securely. Share a file or folder with specific people or send a link that gives access to anyone who needs it, inside or outside your organization. In addition, you can control how long a link provides access, and you can easily view and modify permissions you have granted.

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