Collaborate and Publish with Microsoft SharePoint

Michael Cameron

July 29, 2021

I recently watched a new docuseries on Netflix called How to become a Tyrant. It follows well known dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Josef Stalin. In a “tongue-and-cheek” style it teaches people what it takes to become a successful dictator using the so-called “playbook.”

The final episode reveals that the secret to becoming a successful dictator is to learn how to rule forever. Following the eternal dynasty of North Korea, the playbook highlights how its presidents have strategically used propaganda to deify themselves as gods.

For example King Jong-il used the film industry to brain wash people into believing that he had a divine birth, that he wrote 1, 500 books over a period of 3 years, that he had 11 hole-in-ones during his first game of golf, and that he never had to go to the toilet!

How can human beings, in the 21st century, believe such lies? It’s simple: The government controls the news and the media. Therefore, the government determines what its citizens believe. In North Korea today, there is no such thing as fake news because no one has access to the truth.

South Africa has recently been plagued by a flood of fake news regarding Covid, vaccines, and lawlessness that hit our country last week. Yet, despite the ongoing propagation of disinformation, we should be grateful that we still have access to the truth!

Let us never take our democracy for granted in South Africa. Let us never stop fighting for truth, righteousness, justice, equality, and freedom of speech!

The Intelligent Intranet

A few weeks ago, we kicked off a series called ‘Microsoft 365 for Dummies’ because we want to help people to understand the basics of Microsoft. We have already answered a few questions, but in this blog we’ll answer the specific question, “What is Microsoft SharePoint?”

SharePoint, like Microsoft OneDrive, is a cloud service that enables you to easily collaborate and publish with others, inside and outside of your business.

OneDrive and SharePoint are very similar. They both allow you to edit Office files (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), to co-author, to share files, to access mobile devices, and to sync files. Matt Wade adds, “OneDrive is actually just a single SharePoint document library in a single SharePoint site just for you, but with a different logo

However, the main difference is that SharePoint supports metadata while OneDrive doesn’t (If you don’t know what metadata is, don’t stress about it).

SharePoint provides a web-based space or “Intranet” platform for people to work together on ad-hoc projects, share information, and publish documents. Hunter adds, “SharePoint also gives the company using the platform the ability to control access to information and automate workflow processes across business units.”

Team Sites vs. Communication Sites

A SharePoint Site can be either a team site or a communication site. The former is where all members jointly create and edit content. Think of team sites as a place where work gets done. On the other hand, a communication site is your corporate intranet. This is where content is viewed or showcased rather than edited. Wade insightfully remarks, “Team sites are great for collaborating, while communication sites are perfect for publishing.”

Team sites are great for collaborating, while communication sites are perfect for publishing.

Benefits of using SharePoint

As a web-based collaboration platform SharePoint is easy to understand and use. It is infinitely customizable, massively scalable, and increases productivity. With SharePoint, users can:

  • Build sites, pages, lists.
  • Customize web pages using different web parts.
  • Share important news and updates.
  • Search and discover files from across their business.
  • Co-author documents.
  • Sync and store their files in the cloud.

If you’re interested in how to use SharePoint for your business, then check out this excellent YouTube video.

When to use Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint?

In this blog series, we have answered the questions, “What is Microsoft Teams?” and “What is Microsoft OneDrive?” So, the question that many people ask is, “When do I know when to use Teams, OneDrive, or SharePoint?” If you’re interested in listening to a great answer to this question, then check out this YouTube video.

Could Microsoft SharePoint be your next step?

If your business is interested in using Microsoft SharePoint, then check out Microsoft’s official site. Or you could contact us directly. At Syntelo we use the latest Microsoft 365 applications to provide you with swift, scalable, and secure solutions that will help you to accelerate their business goals, save you unwanted costs on software and devices, and give you peace of mind regarding cybersecurity all in one unified service and flexible contract.

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