What is Business Fibre?

Terry Holten

November 17, 2022

Business Fibre is an ever-increasing integral part of our business communications toolkit.

In today’s business environment it has become a necessity should you wish to leverage extensively the benefit that comes with cloud technology.

Business Fibre is a communications connectivity solution commonly designed for office environments with multiple users of many types of communications devices such as laptops, pcs, tablets and smartphones connecting to a multitude of cloud-based communications applications.
In this blog we will define the term “ business Fibre “, show some crucial factors whereby it can influence our business efficiency, as well as provide some best practises for getting started with Business Fibre in your company.

What sets business fibre apart from home fibre?


Business fibre (or Fibre to the Business, FTTB) provides internet at scale that can manage a high demand on the internet line. This type of fibre is more expensive, but is tailored for large numbers of concurrent users with high demands of the internet speed, uptime, and contention ratio.
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Importance of Business Fibre

In our fast-paced business way of life we have all come to accept, it is the following factors that determine how efficiently we function as a growing business entity, in each of our competitive market environments, with the ability to keep our customers satisfied, whilst maximizing our own company profits, in order that we as individuals with incentive-based earning potential in our respective organizations may grow accordingly.

Here are some crucial factors that can determine our connectivity efficiency by using Business Fibre.


Higher Transmission Speed
Business Fibre is not subject to the physical constraints applicable to conventional transmission media. True transfer speed means that there are no bottlenecks restricting data speeds to below that speed that has been agreed on between the client and the vendor.



No Network Sharing
Internet Access through Business Fibre is never shared even during peak demand periods as is the case with the medium of wireless communication. Also referred to as “uncontended 1 : 1 Fibre internet, or “dedicated business fibre “



Business fibre is an end-to-end service covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Furthermore, the network performance is not affected by factors such as Signal Attenuation, Electricity Spikes and Lightning.



Unlimited Download Cap
With virtually unlimited fibre capacity, customers and employees can stream permissible video content unhindered.



Symmetrical Connections
Cloud based services applications such as Microsoft 365 and Dropbox require equal upload and download speeds for optimal efficiency for each and every user, irrespective of the time of day or night.



Bandwidth Scalability
The Fibre landscape dimensioning can be increased remotely without an on-site technical visit, providing small, medium and large organizations with the flexibility to scale their Bandwidth demand requirements, as and when necessary and thus suit their business growth needs without delay.




How To get started with Business Fiber Requirements?

A company would need to assess the data flow and connectivity currently in use.

This would be a great start as it will give you a picture to what your requirement would be, companies are not looking to waist but at the same time want the fastest most efficient speed in accordance with their business needs.

Once the current data usage and requirement has been determined, it makes sense to look at various options in order to determine best price and options for the business needs.

Request at least 3 to 5 different options, possibly and depending on location, here are some questions to ask:


Are we in a residential area and would home fibre be an option?



Do we need a 1:1 or can we look at broadband fibre which is a business line that is shared although a lot cheaper



How important is a Service level agreement in our business?
Would a wireless solution be a viable option ?





In consideration of these benefits, let Business Fibre be the key enabler to take you and your Business, for your customers and employees to the next level with agreed service levels and greater satisfaction.


Call Syntelo today on 087 147 0878 or Click here to arrange for an on-site meeting and find out more about how Business Fibre can assist you to grow your business without limits to your communications requirements.


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