The Real Value Of Business Fibre

Terry Holten

December 8, 2022

Business Fibre is a communications connectivity solution commonly designed for office environments with multiple users of many types of communications tools connecting to a multitude of cloud-based communications applications and delivered according to agreed minimum service levels between the customer and the service provider.

Nine Real Benefits of Business Fibre

For all types of business operations, the benefits of being connected to the Internet via a fibre-optic connection are numerous and far outweigh those provided by traditional networks. Online business tools such as cloud storage and backup, virtual phone systems, video conference calls, amongst others become much improved in performance when your connection is fast, stable, and reliable.

This rapidly growing transmission technology, which is still being implemented across the globe, deserves the highlighting of some of the more significant benefits of Business Fibre.

1. Business Fibre is Extremely Fast

Copper cable connections which transmitted electrical signals can never compete with ultra-fast multiple light signals being instantaneously transmitted through an extremely thin fibre cable, and effectively the limitation of overall transmission distance is largely avoided even during peak periods. Add to this, that business fibre is traditionally a dedicated line and not shared, and you have a winning recipe.

2. Business Fibre is Reliable

Business Fibre is not susceptible to extreme weather conditions, such as lightning and electrical storms, which could otherwise prevent data transmission through traditional copper cabling, which are subject to electrical interference.

3. Business Fibre Means Longer-Lasting Signals

Traditional broadband technologies such as DSL or Ethernet over cable, result in signal degradation over distance, requiring regular electrical signal regeneration. Fibre-optic light pulses do not suffer degradation and weakening, and travel much further before requiring regeneration.

4. Business Fibre is Suited to Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud Computing is now accepted and used by most business organizations for a more secure storage environment for sensitive data especially.

Fibre connectivity to the cloud is the final component that adds that necessary performance increase to unsurpassed levels in terms of speed and reliability of these cloud-based applications.

This means faster access to critical data. Furthermore, as more business tools move into the cloud, switching to Business Fibre simplifies these day-to-day tasks.

5. Business Fibre Increases Bandwidth Efficiency

The significantly higher bandwidth capacity of Business fibre is naturally suited to business applications requiring higher volume data transmission.

This means your business data throughput will not be restricted especially during peak demand periods.

Increases in bandwidth demand are especially required during the following service deliveries:

  • Video conferencing
  • High-definition Video Content Streaming
  • The on-line real-time use of cloud applications
  • VoIP
  • File sharing and collaboration

6. Business Fibre Improves Network Latency

Network Latency can be defined as the time taken for download and upload of data that take place over an end-to-end Internet connection. For example, VoIP system (What is a VoIP system) calls could break up with excessive Latency, as well as large data file download will suffer extra delay with the same excessive Latency.

Lower Latency will improve the following services:

  • Voice quality for VoIP users
  • Non-disruptive downloads of large files
  • Collaboration between employees with file sharing and cloud-based applications
  • The capacity to move data to and from cloud-based applications such as Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 business and security) and virtual phone systems such as 3CX (3CX Systems)

Overall Network security is also enhanced with improved and reduced Latency times.

7. Business Fibre Delivers Symmetric Speeds

Symmetric transmission speed refers to equal download and upload times on an end-to-end internet connection.

The flexibility provided by Business Fibre means that whether you are downloading or uploading data files, the fibre network with its transfer of light pulses characteristics, can transfer those files fully symmetrically.

Businesses no longer need to pay more for higher file upload pricing options.

8. Business Fibre Is Immune to Interference

We have all experienced the common types of interference associated with traditional metallic cable-based networks. Severe weather conditions and electromagnetic interference played a significant interference role. This type of interference is quite often caused by heavy machinery, switching on and off which resulted in electrical spikes in adjacent electrical cabling. Fibre Networks are highly resistant to these kinds of interference.

9. Business Fibre Will Lower Costs

Operating costs with a fixed monthly fee will ensure that you save money over the long term. In addition, with enhancements such as faster transmission, increased reliability and tighter security, Business Fibre will provide ongoing peace of mind for you and your business environment.

Due to the flexibility and scalability of Business Fibre Networks, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Syntelo (0871470878) is only a call away to discuss any capacity upgrading requirements to suit each organization’s unique business model.

This frees you and your organization up to concentrate on growing and managing your core business.

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