Cloud Services

We can transform your Big Sky Paradigm with the Cloud.

Up there with the very best.

There’s an awful lot of Cloud in your Blue Sky future. It’s a word you’re going to hear more and more, and our specialists bang on about it 24/7, so… better get used to that limitless server in the sky and its 24/7 IoT conversations with your office equipment back on planet earth.

A good Cloud server is a supersaver:

It can save space, insurance, plus energy and maintenance costs, not to mention call out fees. Cloud servers are scaleable, which means you only use what you need. And you only pay for what you use. Old-school on-premise servers have a great deal of risk attached. Perhaps there’s been massive company growth and the server becomes overcrowded. Conversely, traditional servers can be over-resourced and over-sold, which means you are paying for a vast amount of space that you are not using. That bottom line gets affected either way.

Cloud services, Syntelo-style.

We work with the best-of-breed Cloud guys over at Tarsus.

All your server requirements and business applications are stored securely in the Cloud, managed through the Tarsus Odin platform.

We pull reports for you, check on back-ups, and manage usage and scaleability of the Cloud resource.

Risk is mitigated in determining the correct server size for your business: as we’ve pointed out earlier, use what you need.

All your business applications are added into one place: including the full range of Microsoft products: Office 365, Dynamics, Business Central, Mimecast. And all security, firewall and antivirus activity is transparent and managed in one place.

Microsoft 365 (SMB)
Business & Security
What is Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft 365 is the world's productivity cloud that delivers innovative and intelligent experiences, rich organizational insights, and a trusted platform to help people and organizations get more done.
Microsoft Azure (SMB)
Microsoft online cloud platform.
Are you thinking of moving to the cloud?
The cloud helps you move faster and innovate in new ways. Data-driven companies know they need to switch from an onsite infrastructure to a scalable cloud service in order to power the kind of data collection and usage they imagine.
Syntelo has partnered with Microsoft to help small and medium sized businesses to migrate to the cloud and to actualize their innovative ideas so that they can pass on benefits in cost savings and efficiencies to their customers.
Office Backup
Don't get caught with your data down.
Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving is a market leading, cloud-based email data protection solution, helping MSPs deliver secure, scalable backup and archiving for clients’ email data. Advanced analytics capabilities enable MSPs to truly fulfil their role as a trusted advisor by providing actionable insights to improve their business.
Acronis Cloud Backup
Back up and recover systems and files quickly: remote data storage won’t slow you down. In fact, independent tests show that Acronis saves you time when backing up and offers fast access when you need your files.
Eset Antivirus
Comprehensive security solution for all business sizes.
Eset Protect Advanced
Cloud-based Console
Endpoint Protection
File Server Security
Full Disk Encryption
Cloud Sandbox
Eset Protect Complete
Cloud-based Console
Endpoint Protection
File Server Security
Full Disk Encryption
Cloud Sandbox
Mail Security
Cloud App Protection
Sophos Firewall
Stop the latest ransomware and breaches.
Sophos Firewall Benefits:
TLS 1.3 Decryption
Deep Packet Inspection
Application Acceleration
Expose Hidden Risks
Change the icons per row.
Stop Unknown Threats
Isolate Infected Systems
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