Threats to company data have never been higher. In the same way businesses insure their companies from liability, fire damage or theft — every business needs to ensure that backing up their emails is a priority.
Dropsuite is the solution. Now, backup, archiving and recovery solutions can be delivered at scale to power your business like never before.
Dropsuite simplifies data protection so you can focus on delivering what your business does best; providing value and growth. Effortlessly backup Office 365, G suite Gmail, IMAP/POP and websites.
Furthermore, our back-up solutions ensure that you adhere to compliance regulations with email archiving and GDPR. Better understand your business with Insights BI email intelligence and so much more.

Dropsuite, is a no-brainer
Ask yourself, what’s a higher priority than protecting your business assets from theft, cyber-attacks, accidental deletion and ransomware? It’s no longer a matter of if your company will lose data — it’s just a matter of when. Backing up your data is a business best practice — because threats to company data have never been higher. Dropsuite ensures you safeguard your data in the event your ever need it restored.
OneDrive and SharePoint files are just as prone to hacks, attacks, employees deleting them and many other disasters just as much as any other file. Because of this, Dropsuite is pleased to help protect business data by offering OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving.

OneDrive and SharePoint backup and archiving are included at no additional charge as part of Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving.
Backup, recovery and archiving of OneDrive and SharePoint files offered through Dropsuite has no time limit. Data is truly protected and available for recovery no matter how long ago it was backed up.

Why Dropsuite?

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving is a market leading, cloud-based email data protection solution, helping MSPs deliver secure, scalable backup and archiving for clients’ email data. Advanced analytics capabilities enable MSPs to truly fulfil their role as a trusted advisor by providing actionable insights to improve their business.
Technical features
Email backup (Microsoft Exchange)
Hybrid deployment of Exchange on premise and Office 365
Back up calendars, tasks, attachments and contacts
Backs up OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams folders/files
Unlimited storage, unlimited retention, unlimited backups
Automatic backups (3 times a day)
Full data control (recover/download/export/migrate)
Military-grade encryption, 99.99%

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Acronis Cloud Backup

Why do you need cloud backup?
Greater access - Access your files anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.
Better protection - Isolate your data from local device failure, malware attacks or natural disasters
Less downtime - Ensure you can quickly restore your system so you can keep running

Back up and recover systems and files quickly
Remote data storage won’t slow you down. In fact, independent tests show that Acronis saves you time when backing up and offers fast access when you need your files.

15-second recovery time - Restore data faster with RTOs that attest Acronis is twice as fast as the closest competitor
Cloud access in just 3 clicks - Enjoy quick access to the cloud using any Acronis solution
Verified to be the fastest backup - Back up faster - typically twice as fast and up to 10 times as fast as the competition

Rest assured your data is safe
Making cloud storage part of your backup strategy is about keeping your data safe and secure. Acronis Cloud meets that challenge by delivering cyber protection at every turn.

Military-grade encryption - In storage or in transit, your data is protected by AES-256 encryption
SSAE-18 certified security - Acronis data centers leverage the latest disaster prevention technologies and ensure 24/7 security
Tier-IV designed data centers - At 99.995 percent, Acronis delivers the highest level of availability possible today
Ransomware protection - The first of its kind, built-in AI technology detects and defeats ransomware

Gain complete control over your data
Cloud storage is the most flexible and cost-effective way to back up critical files and programs. Acronis’ solutions ensure you have total coverage and complete control over your data.

Total coverage - Back up everything: disks, partitions, files and folders, virtual machines
Flexible control - Choose full image, differential or incremental backups, or a combination
Redundant backups - Experience more reliability than traditional RAID enclosures
Hybrid cloud architecture - Manage all forms of data protection within one workflow
Acronis Cyber Protect
One, integrated Solution to Deliver complete Cyber Protection

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