#1 Rands and sense

We approach the eggy topic of ‘money vs value’ very simply. We call it rands and sense, and we’ll break it down for you.

Topline? Request an inspection and quote and it’ll cost you R0.00; sign with us and we’ll save you 30% off your office management bill.

You’re tied up in a current contract? We’ll take it off your hands, deal with it, and still give you our promised 30%.

We don’t do cheap. Our savings are based on a really thorough inspection and audit of your premises and needs, and then providing a pay-for-capacity model. We never, never, never oversell you.

Only pay for what you use in a subscriber-based costing model. Smart IoT tech really looks after the bottom line.

Rental, not purchase. Infrastructure ownership is a killer.

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#2 Service

We see ourselves as the Chief IT Ops Officer of every company we partner with. And we act accordingly. We’ll literally come on board if you need us to.

Here’s all you need to know about us:

Transparency is key.

Smart tools and IoT enable proactive management ensure you never find yourself on the back foot or lose control. We’re here to mitigate downtime and its wicked twin, the sleepless night, through active monitoring and alert systems.

We love the long game. When you sign up, know that we’re in it for the long haul; we’re locked and loaded for continual recalibration of your long term vision.

We pitch up to listen. Monthly and quarterly visits are mandatory for us to monitor your office experience, correct niggles before they become Big Problems, and predict and solve log-jams before they cause trouble.

We believe trust is earned and our relationship with you is strengthened through our actions. We do well when you do well.

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Cloud services, Syntelo-style. Up there with the very best.

There’s an awful lot of Cloud in your Blue Sky future. It’s a word you’re going to hear more and more, and our specialists bang on about it 24/7, so… better get used to that limitless server in the sky and its 24/7 IoT conversations with your office equipment back on planet earth.

A good Cloud server is a supersaver:

It can save space, insurance, plus energy and maintenance costs, not to mention call out fees. Cloud servers are scaleable, which means you only use what you need. And you only pay for what you use. Old-school on-premise servers have a great deal of risk attached. Perhaps there’s been massive company growth and the server becomes overcrowded. Conversely, traditional servers can be over-resourced and over-sold, which means you are paying for a vast amount of space that you are not using. That bottom line gets affected either way.

Cloud services, Syntelo-style. Up there with the very best.

We work with the best-of-breed Cloud guys over at Tarsus.
All your server requirements and business applications are stored securely in the Cloud, managed through the Tarsus Odin platform.
We pull reports for you, check on back-ups, and manage usage and scaleability of the Cloud resource.
Risk is mitigated in determining the correct server size for your business: as we’ve pointed out earlier, use what you need.
All your business applications are added into one place: including the full range of Microsoft products: Office 365, Dynamics, Business Central, Mimecast. And all
security, firewall and antivirus activity is transparent and managed in one place.

We can’t wait to see you up where you belong.
Let’s chat.

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Introducing our smarter connectivity solutions.

Faster, better access gets you to the sweet deal before the next guy. Your business is predicated upon it. But how fast is your fast? We’re prepared to bet ours is faster.
As in super-Semenya-speed. Stick with us and we’ll hook you up to the fastest connectivity enabler for your environment: fibre, LTE or microwave. You’ll be into AI-based collaboration before you can say “dark fibre”.

Get ready for next level telephony and internet.

Take your office everywhere, and make calls anywhere.
Gear up your PBX with cloud-hosting.
Slash your phone bill by 80% (wait, what?)
With unified comms you can have it all: presence, chat, voice mail, fax to email, video conferencing and web meetings with free plug-in for your clients.
And it’s all scaleable; with user-based costing.
Never miss a call, with voicemail to email.
Boost productivity and customer service.
Agile CRM: which means you benefit from sales, marketing, valuable customer information and service automation on a single platform. Everything functions together, seamlessly. All-in-one, mum.

We put our IT Guy hats on.
We source the finest systems.
We oversee installation, maintenance or replacement.
We manage the process, end-to-end.
You sit back and enjoy the savings.

Ready when you are.

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We offer printing services

Physical Infrastructure.

You probably created your business architecture around it. We all did, once upon a time. With stand-alone pieces of equipment that were best of breed. Printers, copiers, paper. And toner, another story all of its own. Even the once-upon-a-time fax machine. Each working part required its own handler, its own invoice stream, and, over time, created its own little cluster headache.

And then, overnight, the business of business changed. Skype happened. Web conferencing happened. The Paperless Office happened. The IT Guy arrived, fresh off the boat from Nerdville. The business battleground moved onto email. A weird IT-in-the-sky Cloud started gathering. People started talking about yet another Industrial Revolution, with AI, IA, IoT, Bots, and all the other evil little abbreviations designed to Take Our Jobs Away. Fear of the unknown business landscape kept even the cleverest business folk hanging onto their familiar business comfort zones… even though those zones had become more than a little uncomfortable. But Physical Infrastructure, whether we all liked it or not, had become obsolete.

We’re here to make the unknown known. ‘Things’ everywhere are getting more intuitive and super intelligent. Except for those pesky old-style printers, copiers and other log-jammers that still need feeding and hand-holding. At Syntelo, we have made it our business to know where business is headed, and translate and interpret that journey into a smarter, more streamlined, simplified experience for you, our customer. We design and customise suites of smart, connnected equipment and services around your needs, and then we adapt and grow them with you. Off The One Invoice. And one point of contact.

Cloud Print Infrastructure.

There’s an awful lot of Cloud in your Blue Sky future. Better get used to that limitless server in the sky and its 24/7 IoT conversations with your office equipment back on planet earth. We’ll be talking about it a lot. You will too, eventually. And honestly, once you leverage IoT tech, it’ll be a huge relief when you see your print environment simplify around you. You’ll reduce risk in device selection; only pay for print capacity; focus on printer usage management; eliminate any requirement for physical infrastructure when printing or copying; finally, enjoy uninterrupted uptime because you’ll have one dedicated support line. Syntelo.

How now, Print Cloud?

  1. Syntelo installs Lexmark-owned and managed devices.
  2. This is all done based on industry best-practice data and agreed upon deployment principles.
  3. IoT smart services are activated.
  4. Physical Infrastructure is eliminated as print servers, queue management, user management and data collection are all moved to the cloud; secure cloud print release is enabled. (We know, we know, it all sounds like the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise… but think of us as Scotty, beaming you up. We’ll get you safely and securely to wherever you’re going.)
  5. Subscribe. You choose a simplified billing model that works best for you, including usage-based utility, flat-rate or traditional, purchase plus use options.
  6. Leave the rest to us.

Ready to fly in the Cloud with Syntelo?

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